For Those from the EU Interested in Trading in the Near and Middle East

The Near and Middle East and North Africa, a region not much explored by European tradespeople, is an area that currently offers a great number of trading opportunities and great possibilities to make interesting profits in today’s trading world.

Specifics of the Local Market

Compared to the European and American markets, however, trading in the Near and Middle East and Arab North Africa has a number of specifics. These are mainly due to the political instability of the region and the different mentality of the local population.

It is therefore not surprising that no business in the Near and Middle East or North Africa is easy. If someone interested in starting a commercial activity in these vast geographic areas with a very vibrant and flexible market has the necessary courage, knowledge and high-quality products, they just need to overcome a few initial hurdles.


Trading in the Near and Middle East must be approached as something fundamentally new, something different, something that does not fit into European trading practices or other details of the European single market.

Business success is usually guaranteed by proven products of everyday use in both households and industry, or by novelty, an unusual product design, or a clearly visible added value in comparison with the competition (for example in the materials used).

The formalities of trading, the structure and the very nature of negotiating deals are influenced by the mentality of local entrepreneurs. Their decision whether or not to go through with a transaction is usually based on sophisticated and consistent business reasoning, and the mutual acquaintance of the traders on a personal basis also plays a very important role. Even if the parties already know each other personally or have done business together in the past, the negotiations will not be easy, however. Every trade is time-consuming; because of this and not only, every tradesman involved in negotiating a trade must have sufficient patience. If you have the courage, the appropriate level of patience and enough of reasonable arguments, you are on your way to a successful deal. Moreover, if you do decide to do business here, the formal bureaucracy is simpler than in Europe.

Thanks to our many years of experience in trading between the EU and the Near and Middle East and North African entities, we are able to represent others in a wide range of their activities when negotiating deals, and thus effectively assist our partners in selling their products on this market.

We Offer Not Only Representation

We offer not only intermediation of transactions involving products and services, but also comprehensive advisory and consultancy services to protect investments and hedge against exchange rate risks associated with exchange rate movements.

From the real environment of the Near and Middle East, we know the problems related to political instability in the countries of this region, which is reflected in sharp changes in the value of the currency and sometimes also in

sudden changes in import regulations. The fact that we have been familiar with the various changes in this geographic environment for many years allows us, among others, to hedge our clients’ trades against exchange rate risks.

We offer consultations in the field of marketing when launching products and the preparation of sales studies associated with proposals on what, where and at what price to offer for sale. We also provide material analysis, technical drawings, certificates and declarations of originality.


If you are interested in entering the Near and Middle East markets, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer experience, insight and contacts.