Czechia Contract, the leading distributor of European goods to the Middle East markets.

In our product range you will find only licensed original products, selected according to strict criteria. We offer quality, reliability and best prices. We have experience, overview and contacts.

We are not only a business company. We offer advices on reducing costs when making business in the markets where we operate.

Based on our historical knowledge, we know how to be effective in the market in the long term and how to keep increasing profit.

We are working in two directions:

  • We are looking for the customers for European manufacturers.
  • In the regions where we operate, we are looking for suppliers for dealers.

Czechia Contract

The company is the leading distributor of all spare parts and components for diesel and petrol engines. As an exclusive representative of European industry leaders, it provides premium quality parts for the domestic, European and Asian markets. It responds to the growing demand for European goods in the Middle East markets.


As a partner of a number of prestigious companies, we export a wide range of products, which include mainly spare parts for the automotive industry (cars, freight transport, agricultural machinery…), together with the components for ships, trains or aircrafts. It cooperates with production companies, service centers, but also with state institutions and transport companies. All goods included in the assortment pass through strict certification and must meet strict criteria for the quality of materials and manufacture.


Czechia Contract values long-term and stable relationships with suppliers and customers, thanks to which it can offer attractive prices. At the same time, it will open the way to the Middle East markets where European quality goods are in high demand. Specifically, this market has high demand for your offer. Czechia Contract will be your guide, partner and consultant.


Our aim is to become the largest distributor of parts for industrial domains which require quality, precision and reliability. We act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and apply environmentally friendly practices.


Partnership, representation or other cooperation with Czechia Contract offers a mutually beneficial business.

Will we establish cooperation?

We trade in a wide range


When selecting a supplier, we put emphasis on precision, quality and the processing technology …


Bearings for various segments of industry. For example, used in the storage of motor …

Sanitary technology

We are offering a complete portfolio of the sanitary technology …


We are offeting an entire portfolio of types, in various designs, sizes and types. The products …

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