Fittings – industrial, high-pressure …

Manometer taps, connections, clapets, condensation nodes, impact absorbers …

We are offering en entire portfolio of types

We are offering en entire portfolio of types, in various designs, dizes and types. The products come from series production or we can organise custom production according to your specifications.

Slides, backflow valves and pressure locks in the range of DN65 to DN500. Possibility of productions of parts for larger sizes including their welding andthermal processing. We are delivering the components according to the order of the customer for various fields.

Our offer contains a wide range or fittings: manometer taps with various connection types. Backflow valves DN40 to DN400 PN6 to PN40, made of stainless steel and carbon steel. Condensation nodes, impact absorbers, manometer accessories such as especially manometer connections, inserts, etc.

Czechia Contract – affordable prices, reliability and the required quality of products.