Services / What we offer
No matter how specific your demand is, we always approach it individually and try to satisfy it beyond the sales assortment. We don’t have one universal solution for everyone, we’re always looking for a way to sign the deal.
Are you looking for other wholesale customers or new markets, to sell successfully? Would you like to be represented by the company that covers all of the above mentioned? We know the market of the Middle East, we are well oriented in it and we have a network of contacts. We will find customers for you in one of the most lucrative market places in the world.
We offer original, quality and certified assortment of spare parts for petrol and diesel engines of European production. Components in the industry, for cars, freight transport, agricultural machinery, etc. Implementation of specific orders and assortment according to individual requirements, including custom production.

For the customers, we are looking for a manufacturer that will best meet the required criteria in terms of quality, attractiveness, or from the economic point of view. The same criteria apply in the opposite direction, i.e. when we are looking for a seller who will offer your products.

We help in entering the markets of the Middle East, we know, where the interest in the quality European goods is and we will take care of the complete service in the area of wholesale, including consultations on security against exchange rate changes risks.

Thanks to perfect knowledge of the local conditions and many years of experience in this field we are able to arrange an attractive volume of orders for our customers. By executing new orders in the markets of the Middle East, companies usually get by tens of percent higher sales margin than in their region.

Although the selling potential in the Middle East is enormous, it also carries its risks and specific characteristics. The problem is an unstable political situation and the exchange rate which is still fluctuating. Czechia Contract is aware of these risks and recommends sales strategies to maximize the investment.

Exporting goods into the Middle East markets is a certain administrative burden. However, it is much more friendly and easier to process in comparison with the European regulations.

You do not have to worry about sales in new markets. In these countries, the demand still prevails over supply. European quality goods are winning over the import of cheap products from Asian countries. Join those who are already selling their goods, increase the volume and profitability of your orders.


If you are interested we can offer consultations in marketing of products …
We will prepare a sales study and suggest how, in what packaging, at what price …



We often start wholesale cooperation by delivering a sample of the parts that the seller is interested in.
It is important for merchants in the region to see the goods not only in the catalogue but also physically.


If you are looking for goods according to the given specification, we will provide you with an analysis of materials, professional sketches …
Certificates, declarations of originality, technical standards …



We choose the manufacturer according to the specifics of the seller and ensure that the required criteria are met. We cooperate with prestigious companies and industry leaders. Thanks to long-term advantageous representation, we often have exclusivity.


Once we agree on the manufacturer, we will negotiate the best price for you. Thanks to long-term cooperation with manufacturers and a wide portfolio of contacts, we can end up with interesting conditions.



Trading in the Middle East has its specifics. We will present you the benefits and help with protection against possible exchange rate changes risks.

We usually work with the suppliers and customers for many years, we appreciate the fact that our customers come back to us. We are happy to present the benefits of working with Czechia Contract to you.