Specialist Advisory Services

Thanks to many years of practical experience in trade among EU and non-EU entities (entities from countries not being EU member states), we provide a wide range of advisory, organizational, economic and commercial services to both natural and legal persons.

The practical implementation of all these services which we provide in different languages according to the client’s requirements has involved a close, long-term cooperation with lawyers providing legal services in various European countries. In order to resolve a client’s specific matter where a law firm’s services are needed, we always provide the client with priority legal assistance of a cooperating specialist attorney with extensive experience in the relevant field of law.

The basic area of our advisory services for natural and legal persons comprises all professional advisory services in the field of financial and economic matters (including the provision of loans and equity capital valuation) and other services, as well as services related to the planning and implementation of the client’s business and entrepreneurial activities when we are able to fully satisfy all the business-related interests of and instructions from the client, starting with the moment of launching the business.

Having achieved a privileged level of unique know-how, our company is also able to develop complex solution proposals with excellent results, and implement for the client the optimal formal procedure in practice with the aim to solve problems with the social status of the natural or legal person through economic agreements.